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About Broken China Jewelry

 Broken China Jewelry Sterling Cross Pendant

Broken China Jewelry is created with pieces of china, artfully cut and set in silver solder, silver plate, sterling silver or gold plate. It can also be used without any setting at all. From tiny china charms to statement pieces, each one of a kind piece will add charm and elegance to your wardrobe.

Creating Broken China Jewelry

There are numerous ways to create pieces of jewelry from pieces of china. At the very least, the china must be sanded on the edges. Some purists add nothing to the china, and may create pendants by using a rotary tool with a silicon carbide grinding stone attachment to create a small hole for the jump ring.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Sterling Earrings

Pieces may also be cut into more standard shapes such as hearts and ovals. This usually involves a tile cutter, a rotary ceramic or diamond rotary cutting tool, a small saw, or a tile nipper. Once the china piece is shaped and smoothed, it is usually wrapped in strips of copper foil and applied with lead free silver solder. More upscale versions are set in actual sterling settings. Finally, jump rings, ear wires, etc. are added to finish the creation.

Royal Albert China Jewelry

Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Moonlight Roses and Celebration Patterns
Sterling and Broken China Rings

Royal Albert Moonlight Roses Broken China and Sterling Ring Royal Albert Old Country Roses Broken China Jewelry Sterling Ring Royal Albert Celebration Broken China Jewelry Sterling Ring

One of the all-time favorite china patterns with its richly hued, perfect roses can be a part of your wardrobe!  Our Old Country Roses and Moonlight Roses Pendants, Brooches, Charms, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings will become instant conversation pieces as well as treasured heirlooms.

History of Broken China Jewelry

The art of using bits and pieces of porcelain to create something beautiful is centuries old, but the interest in using familiar china patterns to create jewelry seems to have heightened in the early 2000's as numerous artists began to make names for themselves in online stores and delighted customers found themselves able to easily purchase items in this genre.


Where to Find Broken China Jewelry

We love being able to offer a wide variety of Broken China Jewelry styles! Our artists have now added Depression Glass and Antique Buttons to some of our Broken China Jewelry pieces!

Some of our Broken China Jewelry artists use sterling silver settings; others mix and match using silver plate and silver solder settings with handpainted beads and crystals with dazzling effect!

Our latest find: brooches and pendants cut in the shape of animals such as dogs, bunnies, cats and lambs. So sweet and simple, and the pendants come with satin cords.

 China Dog Pin China Cross Pendant

Find our jewelry and decor created from broken china at our retail site, RosesAndTeacups.com where you will find the creations of many fine artists and artisans as well as Victoriana, Stationery, Teaware, Tea Party Favors, Tea Delicacies, Bridal Accessories and so much more! Roses And Teacups has been in business for over 13 years has over 11,000 trusted customer reviews with a 5 star rating so you know you're purchasing from a long standing business with great customer service and products.

Roses And Teacups Customer Reviews - Over 11,000 With a 5 Star Rating!


   Robin and Roses Broken China Jewelry and Sterling Heart Pendant

Sometimes china is so beautiful, one just wants to be wrapped in it! That's why we are thrilled to offer you so many unique items from so many different artisans of wearable china.

Where Is Broken China Jewelry Made?

We are pleased to tell you that all of our broken china jewelry, angel ornaments and mosaics are made in the USA by skilled artisans in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and New York.

Custom China Jewelry

China Tea Cup with Roses and Gold

We can create custom pieces of jewelry from your own favorite patterns! This is a wonderful way to treasure the past without keeping entire sets of dinnerware. Choose one item from your loved one's collection and use it to make matching pendants for all the women in the family!

Call us at 866-998-2877 or email us at info@rosesandteacups.com to discuss your project and receive a quote.

   Broken China Angel Ornaments

 Royal Albert Old Country Roses Broken China Jewelry Angel Benefit Ornament

(Angels will vary.)

Our china angel ornaments are each unique, although they always have lovely flowers on their broken china gowns.

Angels are approximately 5 x 3.5 inches.  Plan ahead! 

Angels are individually handcrafted...please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

A portion of all angel ornament sales goes to our local women's shelter!

Broken China Angel Ornaments are a popular holiday gift!  We can create them from some of your heirloom china in memory of a special relative!

Included is a special card about our benefit program.

Broken China Jewelry Fit & Size

Broken China Jewelry Pansy Sterling Adjustable Bracelet

You'll find all of our broken china jewelry goodies on our Broken China Jewelry pages at Roses and Teacups.

Of course you'll want your beautiful new jewelry to fit!

Most of our Broken China Jewelry Bracelets and Necklaces are adjustable in length or can be customized for an ideal fit!

We offer our Broken China Jewelry Rings in several sizes, so you'll be able to find just the right size for you!

Holiday Broken China Jewelry

Lenox Holiday Pattern Broken China Jewelry Sterling Heart Brooch

Occasionally we are lucky enough to get broken china jewelry items made with holiday china.  These make wonderful gifts and can easily be slipped into a stocking!

Broken China Jewelry Silver Spoon Bracelets

Silver Spoon Bracelet with Broken China Jewelry Sterling Charm and Sparkling Crystals

These are very special items, indeed.  Silver spoons are shaped into bracelets and accented with tiny sparkles.  A broken china charm set in sterling is the center of attraction!

Rare Broken China Jewelry Pieces

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Backstamp Sterling Pendant

Occasionally we are lucky enough to get our hands on something hard to find.  This sterling broken china pendant is created from a backstamp of an Old Country Roses china item.